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Certified as a Specialist in Immigration law by the Law Society of Ontario since 1985

As the founder of Seligman Law, Robin Seligman is one of only a very few lawyers in Ontario Certified as a Specialist in Citizenship and Immigration Law by the Law Society of Ontario. Her team provides highly specialized services exclusively in Canadian immigration and citizenship law to clients globally ranging from multinational corporations, to individuals inside and outside Canada. The Seligman law team advocate relentlessly on behalf of their clientele while assisting them with all their immigration and citizenship matters. The team at Seligman Law has developed a reputation amongst their clientele, other lawyers and Government officials for their integrity, expertise, hard work and commitment.


Permanent Residence

There are multiple ways to immigrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident. Based on your work experience and level of education, you may be able to apply as an economic immigrant, business immigrant or be sponsored by a close family member, amongst other options. The right pathway for you will depend on your particular circumstances. Seligman Law will assess the best path for you. Once we have helped you obtain your status, we can also assist you with ensuring you maintain your permanent residence as well as renewing your Permanent Resident Card.



temporary visas

Persons may wish to visit Canada for pleasure, business or to study. As well, if you wish to work in Canada there are many options including a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Global Skills Strategy (GSS) or Intra Company Transfers (ICT) may be an appropriate option. As well, international agreements such as NAFTA, GATS, CETA, TPP and IEC may assist you. You may also need to obtain an ETA, Temporary Resident Visa and/or Temporary Resident Permit before coming to Canada. Choosing the best strategy for your particular situation is critical to your success.

 canadian citizenship

Once we have helped you obtain your permanent residence, we can also assist you with becoming a Canadian citizen. Canadian citizenship is automatic for those born in Canada or by descent where a parent is a first-generation Canadian citizen. Permanent Residents can apply for Canadian citizenship after being physically present in Canada for at least three years in a five year period. The knowledge and language requirements do not apply to applicants between the ages of 18 and 54. As well, minors can now apply for citizenship on their own without a parent.


 appeals & removals

Depending on your situation, you can contest a negative Immigration decision with an appeal to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada or with an application for Judicial Review to the Federal Court. Undertaking these processes require an in-depth understanding of the laws, timelines and procedures involved. Applicants under a Removal Order may seek redress in the Federal Court with a Motion for a Stay. At Seligman Law we have a reputation and expertise in assisting clients with inadmissibility issues.



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In Canada we are so fortunate to have an open and multicultural society where immigrants are welcome.
— Robin Seligman